How a girl from Newcastle landed a job as Em Rusciano’s assistant tour manager

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It’s a story of “Newcastle girl done good”. Check out comedian Em Rusciano’s FB post from yesterday…

“Here’s the story of how I hired my assistant tour manager Gem” Em posted yesterday to her Facebook page.

“It’s long, but it’ll put a fire in your belly I promise,” she wrote.

“One night, I was laying in bed and my assistant forwarded an email that she felt I’d love. She was bloody right”


Dear Em (& team),

With a kickass 2018 tour in the works comes the need for a kickass tour intern/logistics queen with an epic work ethic and heart of gold! I am 23 years old from Newcastle. Safe to say I live life at 200% I have my Cert 3 & Diploma in Event Management, Bachelor of Business (Convention & Event Management) and moved to Perth to complete my internship at Perth Arena while completing my final year of Uni and studying 3 diplomas at the same time #overachiever. I have worked at Newcastle Entertainment Centre in Ticketing for the past 4 years as an event manager for the past 2.5 years. Currently balancing 2 event management roles and ticketek – safe to say I LOVE the industry! My ultimate career goal is to work for Michael Gudinski (sure he might be retired by the time I get there, but I will get there!!). I have mild Cerebral Palsy so basically an exaggerated limp (I am fully mobile and fully capable within a tour/venue setting). My CP has not stopped me from doing a single thing including climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge…if anything it has made me work 100% harder to proof myself. I am the crazy kid that loves what they do! Venues and live events of all genres are ‘my happy place’ (both personally and professionally). I have probably spent a small house deposit attending events (including you in Newcastle #amazing (from small local gigs to Madison Square Garden) I know I have found the right industry when I attend events for pleasure and I find myself distracted by the event logistics, access lanyards and the various elements that makes the overall show! I am a sponge and absorb everything and any information so would relish the opportunity to be a part of this tour! I would of course do this unpaid and understand all travel and work expenses would be my own! I would be happy to travel to Sydney or fly to Melbs for an interview. I am happy to send my resume and give references to your team. I am a believer in finding what’s good for your soul, working hard and taking risks. This is a decision you would not regret, I can assure you and I am happy to do absolutely anything that would assist within the tour setting!! I look forward to chatting to your team further!

Warm Regards,



Hey Gem,


I’m gonna fly you down for an interview, my assistant Lucy will be in touch tomorrow.

That was a fucking great email.

FYI – no-one works for me for free. That’s not how I roll.

Well done you, on backing yourself in.

Em xx

And the rest is history. I’ll never do another tour without her.


A bloody big congrats to Gem. We can’t wait to see how your story unfolds.

You can see the full post from Em Rusciano’s Facebook page below.

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