GTM STATEMENT: “Groovin the Moo takes the responsibility of patron care seriously”

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The Groovin’ The Moo festival organisers have released a statement following last weekend’s event in Maitland.

While the majority of GTM’s Moo crew partied safely, we would like to continue to remind everyone to look after themselves, their friends and other Moo patrons.

We’re very thankful to the many service providers who are an integral part of each GTM event. Red Frogs, State Ambulance, each local Medical supplier, headspace, Police and Security assist Groovin the Moo throughout the planning process, on each event day and following each event with a detailed report.

Groovin the Moo takes the responsibility of patron care seriously. Our systems are developed in consultation with our service providers.

We acknowledge several media reports with regards to the welfare of patrons and conduct of security and emergency service providers at both GTM Maitland and Canberra. Groovin the Moo believes all actions taken by service providers were delivered in the best interest of GTM patrons.

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