The Great Rail Referendum

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The removal of the rail line into Newcastle’s CBD has all but happened and, once it does, it’s unlikely to ever be returned. This is a massive decision that affects everyone in the Hunter, but we haven’t had a chance to make our collective voice heard in a public forum. So here’s your chance.

The referendum is now closed. The result is below.
Image: Alexanderino

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  1. Good to see they got a recent photo, I live in town any I very rarely see anyone on the train. I feel the space could be put to much better use, not commercial spaces but something that would value the young families living in apartments, parks basketball courts things like that.

  2. Yes…..the rail has to go. Newcastle cannot live in the past forever. Same with height restrictions. Why are we destined to have one Cathedral and no other iconic building allowed in the city, for fear of blocking the view. Newcastle needs to move in to the 21st century and this will be a great starting point. Finally…the rail and the horrible delays that go with this archaic system. Light rail and an open corridor will open the city and the harbor to a new future.

  3. I’m guessing NYE is one of the busiest days of the year for the rail, so why cut it 5 days before???? Maybe January 1 would be more fitting. Other than that i think the light rail is a great idea, IF it actually gets built!!!

  4. Cutting the rail will be just one more reason to boycott the CBD, Vehicle usage will surely increase in an already car unfriendly town.

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