It’s flipping Friday kids lets dance to: Nicholas Connors: ‘Other People’

Laura Kebby -


I’ve started working in an office lately, which not only means I actually have a schedule now, but I also have that ‘Friday Feeling’ that everyone is always banging on about. Like many of you, I love to celebrate this particular Friday Feeling with a beer and a really great new tune. It’s the best way to both end your working week and start your weekend.

Newcastle singer/songwriter Nicholas Connors has just dropped a fresh new single ‘Other People,’ and it’s really really good. ‘Other People’ is a mesh of fast paced alt-rock, killer lyrics and that perfectly unpolished sound that will make your music lovers heart swoon.

His vocals are dark and dangerous, and backed by the intensity of tight hooks, ‘Other People’ will have you hitting the repeat button and hanging on the edge of your seat for his debut EP set to be released in June.

This is the song you’ll want as your backing soundtrack as the slow motion movie version of yourself dramatically throws all of the papers off your desk with no intention of picking them up until Monday.

If it's on in Newcastle, it's on Newcastle Live

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