#FEELINGNUTS is the new ‪ALS ice bucket challenge‬

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#FEELINGNUTS, the campaign to encourage men to regularly check their nuts for testicular cancer is taking over the social web. 

The campaign is being driven by charity Check One Two.  Founded in 2012 by two sets of brothers, Simon and Andrew Salter and Simon and Phil Tucker, Check One Two are on a mission to make a change after recognising that men are needlessly dying from one of the most preventable forms of cancer.

#FEELINGNUTS has already gain huge momentum online with several celebrities, actors and musos all sharing their #FEELINGNUTS photos.

The organisers say that by simply sharing and tagging your tweets, vine videos, instagram pics, facebook updates and youtube uploads with #feelingnuts, not only will you be joining an incredible social movement, you’ll be helping to spread our message to millions of people and getting everyone checking their knackers!

So come on Newcastle, it’s time to start #FEELINGNUTS too. Don’t forget to share your pics with us so we can put together a list of local nut feelers.

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