Fat As Butter no more in 2014

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Despite assurances from promoters that the festival would return, Fat As Butter will not be going ahead this year. 

In an announcement posted to the Fat As Butter Facebook page the promoters said;

“Despite 6 months of scouring the world we just haven’t been able to land a line up that we reckon you guys would come and play with. We’re obviously all disappointed that for the first time in 7 years we wont be partying on the Foreshore. It was a decision we agonised over, but sometimes the fickle gods of the almighty line up just don’t co operate!

Although they had previously promised the 2014 edition would be going ahead, they have assured local festival goers that they will indeed return for 2015.

We’ll miss you all this year, but we’ll definitely be back in 2015 with a smashing show. Stay tuned in the meantime – we might just have something else to fill the musical void”

We’re holding our breath and will report developments as they happen.

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