Fans call for refund after Childish Gambino’s Cambridge Hotel Show

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Fans of American rapper Childish Gambino, have taken to the Cambridge Hotel’s Facebook page demanding a refund after last nights show. Many people wrote that they felt disappointed after waiting 40 minutes for the star to even say a word after taking to the stage in what others said, should have been advertised as a ‘DJ Set’ as opposed to a ‘headline show’.

Video of the show

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Posted by The Cambridge Hotel on Thursday, 1 October 2015

Some of the comments posted on the Cambridge Hotel’s Facebook page

> “So where do we get our refunds? Ive never felt so cheated by an artist or gig”

> “He looked genuinely surprised to get booed at the end when he just dropped the mic and walked off. Fucking worst.”

> “I just bought a packet of McNuggets and feel like I got better value from this. What the fuck even was that ‘concert’. If I wanted to hear the same song twice I would’ve come and seen this DJ at the Kent play the same shit twice for free.”

> “This was meant to be a DJ set, blame the hotel for misguiding most fans.”

> “Did NOT get what was advertised. I paid to see a set by CHILDISH GAMBINO. This was bullshit.”

> “Seriously give us our money back. That is NOT what we drove 2 hours to see!!!!!”

> “Absolute shit show. Meatloaf did a better job of the Anthem than Gambino did of his set.”

> “Cool video. Did you film the part where he was booed off stage and we were all left disappointed?”

> “We paid for childish gambino not some randoms Americans jumping around stage talking about weed, The people deserve their money back if this is the wrong advertising”

> “Had to wait 40 minutes after he came on stage before he even said a word. Cheers for the atrocious karaoke gambino and crew?”

> “The content he did perform was good, but there wasn’t enough content. It felt like Royalty held him back”

> “He looked genuinely surprised to get booed at the end when he just dropped the mic and walked off. Fucking worst.”

>  “I just don’t understand. I’m still so confused. The most bizarre and disappointing gig I’ve ever been to, particularly when he is my fav artist of all time.”

>  “Look the simple thing is. This felt like a rip off and middle finger to the fans. It was advertised as a childish gambino set.”

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