The Dark Clouds

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The Dark Clouds

Stag & Hunter Hotel

Sat, 02 December 2017
7:00 pm - 11:30 pm

The Dark Clouds are a two-guitar rock band from the relatively nondescript Australian city of Wollongong. The nondescript tag is meant in the nicest possible way.

The ‘Gong used to be a rough and ready, blue-collar, rock and roll town. (I know, I used to hang out there.) Now the heavy industry is mostly gone and it’s being gentrified. A few rough edges remain, but its status as a fertile rock and roll breeding ground is being steadily chipped away. The short geography lesson is important because it goes to the heart of why bands like the Dark Clouds are important.

No matter how much blandness and homogenisation is foisted on us, how many live music venues are shut or emasculated or how many mind numbing reality TV talent shows are injected into our lives, we need to hang onto the remnants of things that matter. The Dark Clouds will remind you that rock and roll is one of them.

These dudes call themselves the Dean, the Thunder, the Lightning, the Deluge & the Rain and it’s no joke-they bring the storm. When I first saw the sleeve-art, I was expecting something more maudlin and downbeat, not this surprisingly bubblicious and exuberant celebration of hot pants and power chords that reminds me of the Dictators, Supersuckers, everybody who really rocks with real gusto from the heart.

Ticket Prices: $7.00 (Inc GST) Pre-Sale / $8.00 (Inc GST) Door Sales

For more information please visit or call 02 4968 1205

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