Rhythm Express… Bruce Mathiske, Dave Carter, Steve Cowley & Adam Manning

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Rhythm Express… Bruce Mathiske, Dave Carter, Steve Cowley & Adam Manning

Star Hotel Newcastle

Sun, 01 April 2018
4:30 pm

The Star Hotel & EAO Entertainment are proud to present some of Newcastle’s finest musicians for a very special event over the Australia Day weekend at The Star Hotel. On Sunday 28th January, Bruce Mathiske (guitar/vocals), Dave Carter (bass/vocals), Steve Cowley (guitar) and Adam Manning (percussion) will collaborate for the first time as Rhythm Express – a vibrant, rhythmic unique musical experience.

Those that know the Newcastle Music Scene will recognise these artists’ names and appreciate what a special event this will be. For the newcomers, you won’t be disappointed.

Bruce Mathiske has been described as ‘the authentic guitar virtuoso’. His career spans more than 3 decades and he has recorded 18 solo albums and toured the world. Mathiske is a master of the guitar and presents sounds that are loved by audiences and musicians alike.

Similarly to Mathiske, Dave Carter has also been performing and entertaining professionally in the music scene for over 3 decades. He has played and/or sung on countless albums, singles, soundtracks, TV and radio beds. Many Novocastrians will know Dave from his solo work or collaborations with Mark Wells, Bob Corbett or from Love That Hat.

Steve Cowley is another one of Newcastle’s stand out guitarists. Cowley’s career encompasses a variety of things from TV session musician to jazz aficionado and country music award winner. He teaches guitar as well as performs in a number of outfits including The Big Bang. Steve Cowley is a name that is highly respected in the Newcastle music scene.

When he is not off performing with John Paul Young, James Morrison or Mathiske, Adam Manning is busy influencing the young musicians of today. Manning is the Newcastle Conservatorium of Music Co-ordinator, head of percussion studies, lecturer in core academic courses for BMus students and Committee member for the Central Coast Conservatorium of Music Training & Education. A career achievement for Manning was directing the Newcastle Conservatorium Percussion to victory at the 2016 Australian Percussion Eisteddfod. Adam has also published papers on electronic drumming and has recorded with major record labels.

Rhythm Express will be an iconic moment in Newcastle’s music history. It will be an afternoon of the finest musicianship and collaboration of guitars, vocals and percussion that Novocastrians should not miss.





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