Rave Bingo

Newcastle Live -

Rave Bingo

Bar On The Hill

Wed, 14 March 2018
7:00 pm

This isn’t your nan’s weekly dabble. When you shout “BINGO” be prepared to cut some sick shapes, because things are going to get weird and wild!

Let’s set the scene: You manage to line up a row of numbers, your exuberance has you yelling BINGO at the top of your lungs! We quickly confirm your winnings. THEN BOOM! DJ drops the needle, lights off, lasers on, confetti cannons going off! You jump on the table, start shaking your money maker, swing your shirt around. Rave like you have never raved before! Then you sit down, grab another drink (you may have accidentally kicked yours over during the celebrations)…Then get ready for round two

4 rounds of Bingo with a bonus 5th game if time persists

Hosted by Entertainer extraordinaire Zac Watts

– Spot games & trivia questions (featuring more prizes to win)
– Dance Battle if we have multiple Bingo winners (Be prepare with some solid moves)
– Confetti cannons (Because they are just fucking rad!)
– DJs (What kind of rave doesn’t have DJs)
– Live entertainment (Never a dull moment)
– $10 Jugs of Beer/Cider and other party priced drinks & meals. (You will need the energy)

$5 Entry (With $2 from each ticket going towards a random club or society at the end of the night)

FREE Buses into town straight after!

Send us a Facebook Message to book your table. There will be limited spaces, so get in quick!


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