Quiet Faith

Newcastle Live -

Quiet Faith

Civic Theatre Newcastle

Tue, 22 May 2018
1:00 pm

Presented by Alternative Facts

Eloquently reviewed by David Grybowski for The Barefoot ReviewQuiet Faith is hallowed ground, a little bit like going to church, and a powerful voice for the faithful who actually practice what they preach.  Whether you are a full-blown atheist, one of the flock, or a complete hypocrite, you will not leave the same as you entered.

From award-winning documentary theatre maker David Williams (Grace Under PressureThe Table of Knowledge) comes a journey into the world of the quietly, progressively faithful.

Quiet Faith is a uniquely presented immersive theatre work for intimate audiences. The audience are seated inside the set, an extraordinarily beautiful installation designed by Jonathan Oxlade, and enveloped by a sound installation. The performers work in close proximity in and around the audience, making Quiet Faith a powerful experience that will linger in the mind, long after the performance is complete.

Generated from hours of interviews with Christian Australians, Quiet Faith offers a beautiful, immersive and heartfelt portrait of the very different ways that faith can underpin civic life.

General Admission Seating The audience are seated within the set on the Civic Theatre stage.
70mins no interval.

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