Pauly Fenech – Smash it with a thong

Dan Beazley -

Pauly Fenech – Smash it with a thong


Wed, 17 January 2018
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Smash It With a Thong Tour Wednesday 17 January Lizotte’s Newcastle.

“It’s now hip to be bogan – it’s the new black, mate. Every Aussie has a pair of thongs. They are our version of the Manolo Blahnik. Pure style all the way.” Fenech says.

In a world that seems to be living on the edge of crazy with Americans and Europeans regularly losing their shit with firearms and bombs, this ironic satire from the King of The Politically Incorrect gives the little Aussie battler a more pc option when it comes to dealing with the frustration of life, simply Smash it with a Thong!

The Last Politically Incorrect Showman “Pauly Fenech” will set “Straya” on fire with his new 2-hour Bogan extravaganza! Pauly will also be performing his new song “Smash it with a Thong & launching his new videoclip on the Big screen. Don’t be stooge and get involved in the mayhem!

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