Paul Greene

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Paul Greene

Stag & Hunter Hotel

Sun, 08 April 2018
5:00 pm - 11:30 pm

To folk for pop, to pop for blues, too blues for folk, but then who needs to fit into a box when you can sing and write songs like Paul Greene.

A wordsmith with a gift for melody, Greene cleverly weaves a complex sonic tapestry with a 12 String, a Fender Jag, a Harmonica and a home made stomp box made out of a paint tin lid.

He’s had quite a career with 8 highly acclaimed albums, an ARIA finalist, and collaborations with Rob Hirst frommidnight oil and also filling in as Spy V Spy front man while Craig Bloxom takes extended leave.. and all as an independent artist.

This year will be a busy one for Greene as he launches his record label ‘Red Shelf Records’, dropping singles from 5 different creative projects about as diverse as you could possibly imagine. New Spy V Spy songs; a collaboration with Santa Monica based Japanese producer Edward Deering called ‘Bright Dust’, a country album with his Bush Poet / Mechanic Col Defries Under the name ‘The Fat Nomads’; a new ‘Paul Greene & The Other Colours release and a soul / funk project ‘The Corner Pockets.’

That’s Quite a bit to get your head around, but If you get to the Stag and Hunter on April 8, I’m sure it will not just make sense – it’ll be a darn good show!

Stag and Hunter Hotel
187 Maitland Rd Mayfield NSW, Australia 2304
02 4968 1205

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