Jason Bone

Newcastle Live -

Jason Bone

Junction Hotel

Sat, 15 July 2017
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From a quiet Sunday session at a local pub to a sophisticated private event, multi-instrumentalist Jason Bone’s passion for music is unmistakable.

A prominent figure in the local and national music scene over the last seventeen years, Jason has performed with many original artists, bands and orchestras.

He trained at a young age as a saxophonist and with time has transferred his enthusiasm for music to other instruments such as guitar, drums, keyboard, and voice.

Jason has featured in numerous recordings on various instruments, and has toured both nationally and internationally. In 2005, Jason’s band “Fumi Boca” were recipients of the Jazz Category award in the 1233 ABC Music Awards, after being nominated 3 years running.

Jason’s diverse musical influence is seen through the wide range of styles he interprets as a solo artist. He has an extensive repertoire that consists of music ranging from Jazz though to Blues and Rock.

Jason currently performs solo, and also with THE FREETONES.

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