Jack River

Newcastle Live -

Jack River

Cambridge Hotel

Wed, 26 September 2018
7:00 pm

In support of her debut album SUGAR MOUNTAIN (out June 22 smarturl.it/JRSugarMountain) Jack River will be taking her band on the road for her biggest national headline tour. Hitting Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Newcastle, Sydney and Brisbane, the Sugar Mountain Tour will bring the album to life showcasing Jack River’s incredible knack for live performance in her biggest rooms to date.

Situated in a dreamscape laced with lingering darkness, new single ‘Limo Song’ amplifies the underlying heartache ever-present throughout each of Sugar Mountain’s tracks. While previous single ‘Ballroom’ pulses with defiant energy, ‘Limo Song’ is a tentatively outstretched hand, full of poignant yet unanswered questions. For Jack River, the track plugs into, “that melancholic dream world where you’re looking back and looking forwards all at once”. Delicate guitar lines are set beautifully against full-bodied bass, creating imagery of a rolling limousine guided by the wispy side of Jack River’s vocals which swirl to the fore.

The video for ‘Limo Song’, like its predecessors, is the product of the undeniably kinetic creative partnership between Holly Rankin (Jack River) and director Matt Sav. Set in an ice-cream shop, the clip is as sweet as it would taste, highlighting that infectious feeling of love and lust with a bold, provocative edge – the perfect balance of glitter and grit we have come to expect from Jack River.

In addition to previous single ‘Ballroom’, ‘Limo Song’ follows the remarkable ‘Fool’s Gold’ and ‘Fault Line’, each telling a tale of the dream of an alternate youth, the theme pulsating throughout this electrifying debut LP from one of Australia’s most exciting young artists. With singles from Sugar Mountain amassing almost 6 million collective streams thus far, Jack River’s rise is unquestionable.

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