Newcastle Live -


Cambridge Hotel

Sat, 12 August 2017
8:00 pm

Kicking off a new era for the band with the release of their first video clip, ‘Is It Too Late’, followed by airtime all over Triple J, Introvert has stepped up to showcase it’s more developed and established sound, with the release of their debut EP, Old Taste. (Out Now via Bandcamp, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify + More)

With an eccentric, raw and emotional live performance backed with a strong catalogue of music, Introvert is a band that has made waves around the Australian music industry towards the later end of 2016. This includes being featured as Triple J Unearthed’s ‘Featured Artist’, gaining spot rotation for their track ‘Everything Is Different Now’ on triple J, topping and climbing multiple genre charts on triple J/Spotify, and last but not least touring Australia for the first time with Birds Of Tokyo.

Birds Of Tokyo’s ‘BRACE’ Tour has proved that Introvert’s sound not only caters for the expected alternative crowd, but has been very well received by mainstream crowds nationwide. From playing pubs/local venues to playing theatres, Introvert has stepped up with their live performance, showcasing their twist on alternative rock to massive crowds across the country

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