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Thu, 23 November 2017
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It’s the best bits of trivia and karaoke all rolled into one, and it’s happening every Thursday night at The Star Hotel on King Street in Newcastle.

Sing along with your mates, answer a few music related questions, have a laugh and win prizes including your chance to take home the Jackpot currently valued at $1900!

ROUND 1 – The Warm Up

Sing-a-long and guess the song.

Every good karaoke kicks off with the host doing a few numbers. So the Star’s trivia
master will sing you a few songs and you can score points for knowing the name of the song. There’ll also be a few trivia questions about the songs, it’s QUIZOKE after all.

ROUND 2 – The Next Line

Here’s your chance to sing with your mates.

The Star’s trivia master will play a song and stop it at a random spot in the song. It’s the job of your team to sing the next line – It’s that simple. You don’t have to sing it, but if you do, you’ll score an extra point.

ROUND 3 – Fly me to the moon

The most fun you can have with a piece of scrap paper.

It’s become a Star Hotel tradition. Pit your paper plane making skills against the other team for your chance to win the round. Trust us, it’s a lot of fun!

ROUND 4 – Quick Money

Your last chance to pick up a round prize.

Doing his best Tony Barber impersonation, the Star’s trivia master will ask 10 quick general knowledge questions about music.

ROUND 5 – Jackpot Timemachine

Cast your mind back to win the jackpot. Currently at $1900!

It’s crunch time, and there’s cold hard cash to be won. The Star Hotel’s trivia master will ask 3 questions about 1 musical celebrity. It’s your team’s job to answer all three questions correctly and be the first to give their answers to the trivia master within 30 second. If it sounds tense, it is!

QUIZOKE AT THE STAR HOTEL – Thursday nights from 7pm with food and drink special from 5pm.

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