Gallery Exhibition

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Gallery Exhibition

Cessnock Regional Art Gallery

Fri, 02 June 2017
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

This exhibition at Cessnock Regional Art Gallery has uncovered hidden gems – the Local Artist Uncovered exhibition draws on a great variety of artworks in pencil, ink and paints created as part of a year-long one-a-day practice that artist Marc Brabander maintained.

On display is a character of work that is as rich and complex as daily life itself. It presents a simplicity and honesty that contrasts with an abundance and depth that is utterly captivating and at the same time comforting.

Marc says of his commitment to drawing one-a-day “I wanted to change my tune from ‘not having enough time to paint’ due to running my own business and family commitments. I wanted to consciously make time to being creative simply by doing a quick (or long) drawing a day…I believed I could actually achieve that!”

He mentions too “I decided to start on the one-a-day commitment out of a realization that I missed the connection that only creativity can provide, and the surprise that flows from staring at a blank page or canvas and seeing something come alive. And in turn I found that it energised me.”

During this year-long creative journey Marc noticed something. He says of this: “some of the drawings turned out incredibly beautiful, some of them I prefer to throw in the bin. But despite that initial feeling, I allowed the artworks to stand on their own without my judgement, and I became aware of a natural beauty within each of them. Through this I uncovered an unspoken conversation that flowed from all the artworks, and by implication, through me”.

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