Dr. Zoom Duo

Newcastle Live -

Dr Zoom

Dr. Zoom Duo

Wests Nelson Bay Diggers

Fri, 19 May 2017
9:30 pm

The intrepid space travellers “Dr. Zoom” have beamed back to Earth and are eager to inject some fun into your proceedings!

Our heroes have thawed out after a ridiculously long hyper-sleep and are warmed up and ready to rock with the best blend of killer 80s and 90s retro hits, as well as some surprising laser blasts from the past and present. All guaranteed to get your wiggly bits wiggling and your jiggly bits jiggling.

The galactic duo features Captain Marty Worrall on vocals/keytar and Wing Commander Luke Davis on guitar/vocals.

Together they are “Dr. Zoom”, ever alert to the call for entertainment and danger.

So strap on your moon-boots, charge up those photon blasters and get ready to party like there is no gravity!

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