Bravo Victor

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Bravo Victor


Fri, 06 October 2017
6:00 am - 10:00 am

On the 6th October bass and voice duo Bravo Victor will be playing one of Newcastle’s most interesting and intimate venues The Lock-Up.

Born from assignments and a creative and passionate understanding, bass and voice duo Bravo Victor, have surfaced as one of Newcastles most talented exports.

Although quite unorthodox in their approach on paper, Bravo Victor encompass a true mash of genres, with jazz traditionalist and bassist Jonathan Burgess colliding with classically trained pop enthusiast Sophie Aked, to form something truly incredible.

Bravo Victor’s sound is always exactly what and where it needs to be, to fuel both Jonathan’s passion for a traditionalist outfit as well as providing a haven for Sophie’s heart on sleeve vulnerability that shines through in both her performance and her writing.

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