Bad Luck Kitty

Newcastle Live -

Bad Luck Kitty

Stag & Hunter Hotel

Sat, 01 April 2017
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8pm Start Free Entry

Neorockabilly/ Psychobilly – Bad Luck Kitty are a Newcastle based 3 piece Rockabilly band. BLK produce high energy Rocakbilly/Physcobilly Rock… However their lyrics are Cheeky and full of fun. It’s as if the Stray Cats, The Dead Cats, The Rolling Stones and ACDC all got together for a night of mayhem and jams and out popped Bad Luck Kitty!

Influenced by the timeless tunes of Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran and The Stray Cats; Bad Luck Kitty bring Rockabilly to a whole new level, injecting cheeky lyrics into chunky ACDC like swing laced riffs. All delivered with mounds of energy and gusto that would make Mick Jagger shiver.

Founded in early 2015 the band quickly gained momentum in the local Rock n Roll scene.The word of Bad Luck Kitty’s energy driven, interactive sets quickly spread around. Soon enough they were drawing crowds into the venues and cementing themselves in Newcastle’s music history.

Early 2015 Bad Luck Kitty released their self titled independant EP. Full of their original brand of hook driven Rockabilly tracks such as Real Rock n Rolla Girl and Hot Rockin Moma as well as poprock driven tracks such as Booty Call and Sunday Best. The EP gained much traction in the Rockabilly/Pyschobilly world, gaining airplay in several countries including UK, Netherlands, Spain and of course Oz.

The EP has also been featured on the popular Australian TV show ‘Blokesworld’ in 2016.

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