ASPIRE: The Hoarders Next Door

Newcastle Live -

ASPIRE: The Hoarders Next Door

Civic Theatre Newcastle

Fri, 04 August 2017
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Presented by the Catholic Schools Diocese – Maitland & Newcastle

“The old junk lovers, why are you hanging with them?” Toni loves her elderly neighbours George and Mavis Smith or the Hoarders as everyone in the street refers to them. But Toni doesn’t care what anyone else thinks not Sean her best friend and especially not Bobbi her EX bestie.

Bobbi doesn’t care about anything anymore, especially not a couple of smelly old people and definitely not her clean freak mother!

Including a host of eccentric, colourful characters and an all Australian musical soundtrack, The Hoarders Next Door is a heart-warming tale about life, love and the importance of community.

Act1 90mins interval 20mins Act 2 60mins *

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