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Looking for something to do with the kids these school holidays? Event Cinemas Glendale have got some great activities lined up everyday! Check out the program below…


Monday 11 April

9:30 – 12pm | Come along and join the fun with craft and face painting

Tuesday 12 April

9:30 – 12pm | Get up close and personal with some cuddly critters at the petting zoo

Wednesday 13 April

9:30 – 12pm | Embrace your artistic side with plaster fun painting

Thursday 14 April

9:30 – 12pm | Test your sporting skills out with Jobe Wheelhouse football

Friday 15 April

9:30 – 12pm | Enjoy a demonstration from Hunter Martial Arts and get involved to be the next Kung Fu Panda!

Monday 16 April

9:30 – 12pm |┬áTry out your art skills with some plaster fun painting

Tuesday 17 April

9:30 – 12pm | Kick off your soccer skills at the Soccer Joeys sports day

Wednesday 18 April

9:30 – 12pm | Make your own tasty animal treat

Thursday 19 April

9:30 – 12pm | Meet Beauty and the Beast, then join Beauty in the library for some story telling and craft

Friday 20 April

9:30 – 12pm | End of school holidays celebration! Join us for face painting and craft

Extra Info for Mum & Dad…

All kids tickets are $7.50*, and include admission to the activity occurring on the day PLUS one movie screening of your choice!

(*If your film of choice is in VMAX or 3D, surcharges for these screenings may apply depending on the film)

Tickets must be purchased from Event Cinemas Glendale, and are not available online.


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