ENCODED: Digital, dance and aerial acrobatics

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What do you get when you combine digital environments, music, contemporary dance and aerial acrobatics? The answer is, Encoded. A visually stunning contemporary theatrical performance that rolls into the Civic Theatre Newcastle on August 11. 

Stalker Theatre, the people behind Encoded, have utilised interactive 3D imaging and audio technologies in this production, synthesising live performance, immersive interactive image projection and audio scapes. By utilising simulated fluid animations (of particles and architecture) as  layer between the performers’  blurs the boundaries between physical and digital space.

About Encoded

Encoded is an aerial dance performance that uses the latest interactive technologies to build a projected digital environment that responds to the movements of the performers. Visually stunning, it creates a ravishing immersive world of shimmering images that dissolve and reform as the performers sweep across the space.

The performance is a meditation on the fragility of space and our place within it. It explores how digitised space alters our perceptions of physical space, and how digital media change our relationship to the body.

About Stalker Theatre Company

Founded in 1989, Stalker Theatre makes high quality contemporary physical theatre in Australia across a range of cultural, social and political contexts, regions and nations, and delivers its work to extraordinarily diverse audiences. Its striking physical and visual productions communicate powerfully and imaginatively far beyond the constraints of traditional theatrical contexts.

WHAT: Encoded
WHEN: August 11
WHERE: Civic Theatre Newcastle
TICKETS: civictheatrenewcastle.com.au

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