Dune Rats w/ Tired Lion and Pandamic – The Cambridge Hotel- Friday 9th June

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If you didn’t drink out of your shoe (or someone else’s) on Friday night, did you really go to the Dune Rats gig?

Rife with special guests, stage dives and shoey’s, The Cambridge welcomed the Dunies, Perth’s Tired Lion and Rockhampton locals Pandamic on the first leg of their F**k Yeah Ledge Yew Tour.

If you were unlucky enough to miss out on tickets (and found yourself posting periodically on the event page ‘desperately looking for 2 tix’), then you should probably stop reading now. Or not. I’m not really here to tell you how to spend your day (or when to buy your gig tickets).

Kicking off the night was indie punk-rock newbies, Pandamic. Presumably birthed in someone’s garage, this four piece brought the noise in a big way. This was of course until they decided to take it down a notch, and hit the crowd with a slow jam. I respect your vision boys, but you should definitely stick to loud riffs and simple melodies. That being said, Scumbag was a killer tune and I’m sure that everyone is keen to see what comes out of the Pandamic camp next. Special mention goes out to the coastal cowboys for initiating the first shoey of the night; I’m sure that the lead singer really appreciated the dregs of that warm VB.

Stepping out onto the stage in florals and a denim dress, it would be easy to underestimate Tired Lion’s lead singer Sophie Hopes. Let it be said though, that for such a petite singer she has one of the biggest voices in the indie rock game. The biggest let down of their set was definitely the sound quality; there’s only so much feedback that you can play off as added effects. The squealing monitors seemed to really throw the band off throughout the set, or maybe that was the constant NEW-CAS-TLE chants coming from the crowd. I’m not really sure what was worse. While Tired Lion threw a couple of slow burners into their set, tracks such as Strung Out and Cinderella Dracula, really showcased their talent and fired up the crowd.

When it came time for Dunies to grace the stage, the entire room was filled with the trade mark Newcastle chant (we get it already guys, we know you’ve got Newy pride). I don’t think that I’ve ever hear the phrase ‘F***in’ Sick’ uttered more in my life than I did during the Dune Rats set; although I guess you’d have to be a little stoked that you’d sold out nearly every leg of your national tour.

When the boys kicked off their set with Six Pack, the crowd erupted, with everyone attempting to crowd surf their way to the front. This might have been because they wanted to get close to the action, or maybe it was because lead singer Danny Beusa was pouring Coronas onto the front row.

With every man, woman and mullet squeezed into the Cambridge, the Dune Rats gig was always destined to be a sweaty, chaotic mess. Not surprisingly, halfway through their set the band decided to hold a shoey contest, pulling crowd members up onto the stage to scull beer out of their stale sneakers. While the girl in Blundstones smoked the competition, the lead singer passed his guitar over to other contestant who proceeded to shred a solo on stage. The audience participation continued when the Dunies walked off stage for their encore, inviting crowd members to (drunkenly attempt to) bust out a track. I don’t know if you take suggestions for the rest of your tour, but it would be great if you could save everyone’s ears and hold onto your guitars.

Busting back out onto the stage for a couple of encore tracks, the boys enlisted the help of Hockey Dad drummer Billy Fleming to belt out their closing tune. This freed up BC Michaels to take the mic and dive out into the crowd, sending everyone into a frenzy. I’ve got to give it to you Dune Rats, you really know how to appeal to the Novocastrian crowd.

Now, has anyone seen Scott Green?

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