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Canadian punk band, Comeback Kid will play the Cambridge Hotel on October 22 as part of their Die Knowing Australian Tour. 

Since dropping their debut album, Turn It Around, Comeback Kid has been an undeniable staple of the hardcore community. Originally formed in 2000, the band incorporate musical layers and a vocal variance that has gone on to capture wide critical acclaim.

Trademark elements of the band’s sound are abundant on Symptoms + Cures – gang vocals, half-time bridges, and tastefully-placed breakdowns among them. However, the record also features a more dynamic vocal performance than we’ve previously heard, weaving a much harsher and urgent vocal delivery with sing-able passages, not to mention new musical expansions that stray from the straight-up simplicity of hardcore.

Influenced by bands like Nirvana, Anthrax, Propaghandi, Madball, SOIA, Sights & Sounds and Mew, the show at the Cambridge Hotel on October 22 is sure to be one hell of a spectacle.

Tickets can be purchased via the Cambridge Hotel website.


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