Daniel Johns’ releases new single, Cool on Fire

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Daniel Johns has this morning released the first single from his forthcoming debut album, Talk. The single called, Cool on fire is a synth heavy number with smooth, often falsetto vocals layered over the top, and we kind of like it. 

While the first spin of the single has the office divided, we noticed several toes tapping away and no one had a problem with us giving it another play just so we could hear it all again.

Daniel told musicfeeds.com.au;

“What’s funny is that when Silverchair released Frogstomp most people went out of the way to tell me how much it sucked. Then when we made Diorama a few years later everyone started telling me how I should go back to making Frogstomp. I guess now I’ll be told to go back and make Diorama again!”

“That was part of why I picked the album title too by the way. I don’t really care what most people think. Let them talk.”

Find out more about what Daniel has in store for us when the album drops on May 22 by visiting his Facebook page.

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