INTERVIEW: Jesse Dracman from DARKC3LL

Dan Beazley -

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Industrial Rock juggernaut DARKC3LL are heading our way for a gig tomorrow night (Sept 25) at The Cambridge Hotel. We chatted to lead singer Jesse Dracman about the tour, coming to Newcastle …


My problem with local country music

Stroppy Pants -

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If I hear another local country act sing in an American accent about their pick up truck or driving said pick up truck ‘Miles’ over the ’state line’ I think …


Is weed the answer?

The Hang Man -

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Well, a lot of people had a lot to say about violent, anti-social behaviour in Newcastle (and elsewhere) and how it is affecting the rest of us.  Some people recalled decades …



Newcastle Live -

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Local band Holly Who has called on fans of live music to “make a wonderful choice for you & for music” this Saturday night.  If it’s on in Newcastle, it’s …


Mark Wells’ Desert 5

Newcastle Live -

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The title should actually read – Mark Wells’ Desert 6, because try as he might, Wellsy just couldn’t bring himself to narrow the selection of albums he couldn’t live without down to 5.  …

5 ways to beat the Newcastle gig Flu

Newcastle Live -


The chances of sharing germs as you dance around with a bunch of strangers at a gig are quite high. That’s why the latest Roy Morgan research showing Newcastle as a …