STAR HOTEL: Not your regular pub food…

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It’s always refreshing to find a bar in Newcastle that truly places an emphasis on the quality of food that comes from it’s kitchen. From the produce they use, to the chef and kitchen staff – Since it opened it’s newly renovated doors two years ago, The Star Hotel Newcastle has been producing some of the best dishes we’ve seen on a bar menu.

Real Person Review: Momos Wholefood

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There’s that saying about if it’s good, why change it? Or something along those lines anyway and I’ve also been a Novocastrian for long enough to know that stereotypically I don’t like change. But last week I went to Momos …

Of Beers and Bottle Shops

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Here are Live we’ve written many a piece about the various pubs, bars and everything in between that are sprinkled about town. But what about the times where you just want to sit back and crack open a cold one …


Our History Exposed

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All of the streets intersecting with Hunter Street are perpendicular to the main road, except one. Have you ever noticed that Burwood Street, just near the Council Roundhouse and the new Law Courts is on an angle and not perpendicular? …