Camera phones are killing live experiences

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There’s no doubt technology has improved many aspects of our day to day lives, but more and more technology is getting in the way of live experiences. 

We’ve noticed a new trend at gigs recently;  Artists are asking their audiences to stop recording the show on their smart phones. Rather than a concern over bootleg recordings or the publication of dodgy YouTube videos, the “Put that shit away” request is moe about enjoying a live moment. To share something unique that will never been repeated in quite the same way.

This trend is apparently not restricted to live music events either. Many people in the office have reported seeing signs about turing your mobile phone off in bars, cafes and restaurants too. So last week when this video started getting around, we decided to ask you what you thought. Have mobile phones killed the live music experience? Have they changed other aspects of our social lives, like eating dinner, or celebrating a big moment together?  Let us know in the comments below.


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