Bud Petal bring their unique sound and stories to Newcastle

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With their music described as “the feeling one gets when drowning within a sea of smiles”, Bud Petal will launch their third studio album in Newcastle at The Unorthodox Church of Groove on Saturday 30 May, supported by local act, Vanishing Shapes.


Bud grew up in the Eastern Mediterranean area of Levant, and has always been heavily influenced by the music of his home country. Since moving to Australia in his teens, Bud has fused his love for Middle Eastern music with the folk and pop music he was exposed to in Australia and Europe, thus creating the unique blend of sounds, stories and art that is the music of the band Bud Petal.


Bud Petal will head to Newcastle to launch their third album, Fabric Cordial. Their latest album was born out of a two year adventure, written in small German towns, cities of the Levant, and the inner west of Sydney, and it tells the stories of Hamburg love songs, to parental longings for the Kibbutz, to the joy of returning home to Sydney.
Supporting Bud Petal are local band, Vanishing Shapes. Their sound is said to be inspired by “the most ecstatic of dances to the saddest of laments”, with influences from the musical traditions of Ireland, Russia, Romania and Peru, and tainted with the gritty coal dust from their port side home of Newcastle, NSW.


Vanishing Shapes’ debut album, Urcheon, is full of narrative driven songs that bounce between being playful, harrowing and ethereal. Vanishing Shapes are Jenny Hankin (flute, piccolo, vocals, egg-shaker), Josh Ingle (viola, vocals), Jake Kennedy (guitar, mandolin), Tim Merrikin (bass, charango) and Nick Jamieson (clarinet)


Bud Petal with Vanishing Shapes

Saturday 30th of May

Doors 8pm, Show starts at 8:30pm

Tickets $10, available at the door

For more info, visit http://churchofgroove.com.au/


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