Brand New RAAVE bby Makes Fans Swoon

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Everyone’s favourite RAAVE babies TAPES have finally managed to fill the (tear soaked) void left by Burgo, aka the tallest  bassist on the planet. The trio that once was, is a trio once again with the band announcing the ever wonderful Lindsay O’Connell as their new master of all things stoic, kewl and other bass related skills.

Now I am unsure as to how tall Lindsay is, but I for one, am incredibly excited about the band getting all of their cookies in one basket once again, to start churning out some more incredible tunes.

To celebrate (because what better excuse than a new family member amirite?), RAAVE TAPES will be playing a cute little run of shows across this state of ours. Including, might I add, fulfilling Joab ‘Jet‘ Eastley’s dream of hosting the the Kurri vs. Cessnock rugby league afterparty, to which I’m sure he would respond enthusiastically; “What a time to be alive”.

Congrats to RAAVE TAPES and here’s to the many wonderful tunes and shows to come.


Image by: Lazy Bones

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