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Bongo Johnny

Yesterday on our Facebook page we posted this picture of who we feel is one of Newcastle’s most iconic characters, Bongo Johnny. We asked our community who their favourite Novocastrian busker was, and I was really surprised with the comments we received. 

While many people recounted their experiences with John, much of the comment thread was taken up with people either debating his status as a busker, or calling for him to be ‘locked up’ or removed from the streets that he has frequented with his various musical instruments for many years now.

Bongo Johnny Comment

Bongo Johnny Comment

Bongo Johnny Comment

While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, we were genuinely surprised with the intensity of some people’s dislike of John and what he does. So we thought we’d continue the conversation here and ask you to share your own story about John. Busker or beggar? An icon or nuisance? Let us know in the comments below and don’t be afraid to share your own stories about times you’ve encountered this polarising Novocastrian personality.

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  1. Last I heard, Johnny had suffered yet another stroke, and is now nearly completely paralysed down his right side. He has been moved from is light street apartment to a aged care facility. .

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  2. He’s not completely paralysed, still demanding and abusive and this week was placed in a nursing home

  3. johnny you where very kind to me, i talked to you about my dad who had died i used to play the guitar when i was little in darby street with you beside me.you never asked me for money.but gave me your time so thank you very much what you have done for everything. there will never be a nother you.from your friend always from your friend jordan.hanssen.

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