A big sound for bands at the Sydney Junction Hotel

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Those lucky enough to have hit the stage or dance floor at the newly renovated Sydney Junction Hotel in Hamilton over the last few months have been treated to a great sound thanks to the hotel’s newly installed PA and sound engineer.

Installed by local company A1 Audio, the set up has seen bands and punters enjoying a professional mix pumping out of an awesome PA they’ve installed

Drums that sound full, bass that gets you in the chest and guitars and vocals that you can actually hear without being too loud.

With so many venues choosing to remove their  ‘in house” PA systems, it’s rare to be able to hear and see live music how it’s mean to be presented. But these guys are doing it properly so we wanted to give them a shout out.

Don’t take our word for it though. Check out the list of acts coming up as the hotel this month and pop in to the venue to hear it for yourself.

9/1/15 – Funkapedia – 10:00 pm
10/1/15 – Hornet – 10:00 pm
16/1/15 – The Hepburns – 10:00 pm
17/1/15 – The Cruisers – 10:00 pm
23/1/15 – Phase III – 10:00 pm
24/1/15 – Rebecca Johnson Band – 10:00 pm
25/1/15 – Glam Slam – 6:00 pm (Massive Australia Day Eve Show)
30/1/15 – Incognito – 10:00 pm
31/1/15 – The Years – 10:00 pm



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