SEPTEMBER’S BEST GIGS: Show your Newy pride on a budget with big hair & a touch of culture

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Newcastle Live used to run a comprehensive “top 5 gigs of the week” type post but we put our brains together and thought we would come up with something a little different. Something hopefully you won’t scroll past on your way to the next dank meme. September is a crazy month, like cray cray, and it’s important to actually track what the hell is going on around town. So here’s a quirky look at the gigs/events/random activities that are going on around town.

Best Gig to…

Start a New-cast-le, New-cast-le chant

’97 Grand Final Screening at Central Bar

For those who remember it, we’ll never forget it. The ultimate glory of 97. Novocastrians are really (really) good at reliving our glory days and thankfully, the folks at Nice Try and Central Bar in town have created the perfect opportunity to do just that. It is the 20th anniversary after all. Everything you could ever want to be a part of this particular scenario will be a part of this scenario. Bar snacks, beer, the joust podcast boys, secret musical guests and of course, the 97 Grand final played in full. Tickets are just $15

Best Gig to…

Hit when you’re on a budget

Anything at The Lass O’Gowrie Hotel in September

Anything, at the Lass O’Gowrie hotel. You can’t get much cheaper than free or much free-er than cheap so all throughout September, why don’t you head to the Lass from Wednesday – Sunday evenings. Especially with the weather getting warmer, it’s prime time to head and catch some awesome tunes, have a pie, and soak up the essence of youth. You’ll be thinking “what a time to be alive” in no time.

Best Gig to…

Break the – “I really don’t want to leave the house but I haven’t in days” rut

Kim Churchill at The Cambridge Hotel on 14 September at 8pm

I know it’s tough to leave the house sometimes, what with work, life and everything in between. But the weather is getting warmer which makes the mid week gig a hell of a lot easier to go to and who better to go and see than Kim Churchill. He’s a wonderful performer and is really the perfect way to ease you into summer. Best of all, tickets are only $30!

Best Gig to…

Have a boogie off with your mates

Sneaky Sound System at The Cambridge Hotel on Friday 22nd September at 9pm

‘Hip Hip Horray’ Sneaky Sound System are flipping back with an absolute bang! Sometimes you just don’t want to be lonely because the lights are shining ever so bright. I don’t know about you, but I saw a UFO and nobody believed me. ‘I love it,’ when these guys come to town because they always (always) put on an incredible show and what better way to relieve the glory days of the 00’s than to dance like no one is watching. Tickets are $40.

Best Gig to…

Wear big hair and wave your hands about like you just don’t care

Never Ending 80s at Lizottes on Saturday 23rd September

Who doesn’t love the 80s. The hits, the hair, the fashion, everything, anything 80s. Now’s your chance to take a whirlwind trip through the decade as the band “expertly carve their way through the music of Prince, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, INXS, Bon Jovi, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, as well as so many other giants” it’s surely a show not to be missed!

Best Gig to…

Get a spoonful of culture in your pop rock diet

Romeo and Juliet (Ballet) at The Civic theatre Newcastle on Wednesday 13th September

Nothing says culture quite like a trip to the theatre, combine that with a classic Shakespearean story and the ballet and my friend you’ve hit the jackpot. This isn’t your 12 year old niece’s dance recital either, this is the Russian National Ballet we’re talking about here and they are sure to put on a phenomenal show. Tickets start from $56.30 for students and the show goes for 1hr 40, worth every cent in my opinion!

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