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Firstly, for those of you who don’t know, the Commons is an absolutely delightful community space that plays host to a whole bunch of wonderful events, live and local music just happens to be one of them. I wrote last week about the different ways we hunt down local music and Triple J Unearthed was one of them, which is exactly where I came across local artist Belle Badi. Yesterday evening I headed to the Commons to see her do her thing live, and was witness to a sweetly stripped back performance.

The Commons is a really intimate venue, and can definitely be intimidating for even a seasoned professional, but Belle held her own in the space. Her husky vocals were cruisy, on point and she presented a really private performance to a captivated crowd. Her songwriting is great, and the nostalgic connection between her performance and the personal nature of the lyrics was definitely adamant, giving the set that extra layer of thought provoking content. During tracks like “Crush” for example, I really not only believed every single word she said, but she seemed to hold her heart, as well as the keys, in her hands. Rather than hinder, the lyrical fumbles seemed to enhance the performance and play upon her relatability as an artist.

I’ve been told there are exciting things in the works for the local singer/songwriter so keep your eyes peeled. In the mean time, check out “Time Machine” on her Triple J Unearthed Profile.

Photo by: Sara Martin

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