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Sydney indie rock band, Sticky Fingers are headed to Newcastle for the THIS THAT festival. We chatted to their bass guitarist Paddy about Triple J, touring America and smelly farts ahead of their arrival in town.

Paddy from Sticky Fingers is cleaning his house when he answers the phone for our interview. He’s a domestics kind of guy.

Sticky Fingers will be here in Newcastle on October 31 for the THIS THAT festival presented by Triple J. So we start our chat by asking Paddy what it means for their band to have the support of the national youth radio network.

“Triple J is huge, everybody kind of knows that. I’m not saying Triple J is the be-all and end-all. I’ve got mates bands who do well and they’ve got no backing from the station what so ever and then I know some people who get played on Triple J and it does nothing for them. And maybe they weren’t even good in the first place” he says.

The band have just returned to Australia after a string of shows in America.

“We’re looking forward to this gig in Newcastle. I mean the American shows were awesome, and we can’t wait to play Europe, but Australia is where it’s at for us.”

And what’s it like being on the road with the rest of the boys in the band?

“It’s kind of like inheriting Bi-Polar disorder. Incredible highs, and incredible lows, and some pretty bad farts. But ultimately we’re best mates, so when it’s good it’s worth it for when it’s bad.”

Sticky Fingers play the THIS THAT festival on October 31.

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