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You may be surprised to learn that, somewhere amid those Aussie rock gems on CD that lay beneath the dust in your collection, there may be a pot of gold.
In the world of the record collector, there are special rarities that demand substantial amounts of money.  You may not have heard of these Aussie bands but good vinyl copies of ‘Wide Open’ by Kahvas Jute and Galadriel’s self-titled album can fetch $1000 or more.


But there is also money to be made if you have releases by some of the more mainstream acts on CD.

For instance, just a few weeks ago, a CD copy of TMG’s Struttin’ album sold on eBay for over $500! Their TMG Album and Here We Are, both on CD, sold for $79.85 and $152.50 respectively.


A look on eBay has also revealed early Paul Kelly albums (Talk, Manila) all sold for over $50. James Reyne’s Live In Rio album likewise. An early issue of AC/DC’s debut album High Voltage netted $67 and Legend – The Best Of The La De Das went for over $100.


Kings Of The Sun’s final album Resurrection sold for nearly $80, Stevie Wright’s Hard Road for 46.09 and Andrew Durant’s Memorial Concert, a double CD, went for $187.55.


Other CD releases by Sherbet, especially the early albums, Skyhooks (Guilty Until Proven Insane & Hot For The Orient) can often nett $50 or more on CD.  Richard Clapton’s classic Girls On The Avenue album, again on CD, recently sold for over $50. Another lesser known classic, also re-released on CD and selling smaller numbers, was Ayres Rock’s Big Red Rock – a CD copy recently sold for just over $50.


Be warned.  Not every record or CD is in demand. Not all will fetch a high price. A lot depends on the condition and how many were sold and are circulating in the public domain.  Anything that has been re-released recently is most likely still available and therefore will be current retail price, however, original issues (vinyl and CD) can fetch a premium. There are definitely some gold-plated titles around.

So, if you (or your parents) have a good collection of Aussie records and CDs from the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s, it may be well worth your while to check out their sale value.  There must be plenty of gems hidden, with the owner unaware of their worth.

If you have any, either check out eBay or message us here at Newcastle Live and we can either give you a valuation or point you in the right direction. Have a look, you never know – and let us know. We might be able to help you discover some gold!

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