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Elisa Kate has been captivating hearts with her powerful piano-based melodies and sneaky soul edge for many years now. 

It’s that deep smoky voice with something to say that’s had you from the get go, and you’re not the only one.

Having been told she couldn’t sing, Elisa was surprised when Sony’s Paul Dickson, the man who discovered Powderfinger, took a shine to her Debut Album ‘Treasure’ in 2009, deeming it “real talent”. Inspired by American Pop Rock outfit Switchfoot, at 13 Elisa had secretly begun writing uplifting songs of her own, keeping them hidden until years later when required to record a song for a Uni assignment.

From one song to a Debut Album, in no time Elisa Kate’s dream was being realised, and her sound turning heads winning multiple awards and having hit ‘Any Smarter’ chosen to feature at MUSEXPO in Hollywood 2011.

Elisa began working with an agent and performing at venues like Lizottes, Cambridge Hotel and Manly Boatshed, before wowing fans with a sold-out second album launch late 2011. ‘Holding On To You’ soon gained award winning status in the 2012 Australian Songwriting Contest, with a single featured on a Channel Ten TV Ad and strong airplay continued today on Newcastle Radio. Now it’s Kate’s much-anticipated third EP “Rising Above”, a fiery soul-vibed surprise we’re all excited for, due this Spring.

Having just returned from her first International Tour of the USA, performing shows at SXSW Austin & Nashville City, Elisa’s world wide fan base is growing quick. From performing to over 30,000 people in support of Kamahl, to recently touring with Australian legend Rick Price, Elisa connects deeply with any audience, performing weekly in Newcastle, Sydney and the Mid-Coast Region. A down to earth farm girl who loves writing music to warm your heart, check out the debut music video, “Holding On To You” and you’ll be hooked.

You can find out more about Elisa by visiting her website.


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