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Over the past 7 years CRocQ has been on an undying and ever challenging journey honing his craft to get ready t unleashed it on the world.

Growing up in a very musical family, it was not until CRocQ’s later teenage years when he really grasped his love for music.

“Music is a language that can be understood by everyone. It allows you to communicate to people in ways, words and emotions cannot do alone.” he says.

With recent international performances in NYC and Vanuatu, it has once again re-ignited the flame and passion for his love for music.

Entertaining, collaborating, producing and singing for crowds and events all over the world, CRocQ truly expresses how blessed he feels to be able to share his gift with everyone.

“I really can’t imagine my life without singing. I think the day that I can’t sing is truly the day I die.”

Currently CRocQ is focused on performing as a solo artist. But he has also been collaborating with a large array of talented local artists such as, Alama Amosa, Anna Milat, Kylie Jane, Olivia Kolo, Michael Barret and Daniel March, to name a few.

Recently a movement into the ever-evolving Dance/RNB scene has emerged with collaboration with DJ Fuel and DJ Patsan.

With his overdue debut album due to be released mid next year, it has been a crazy journey; but one that has really just begun for this young artist….

Find out more about CRocQ by visiting his website.

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