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We’ve been fans of local band Arcades and Lions for a long time. Live, the guys kill every stage they walk onto, picking up new fans at every show. But to be honest we’ve never been hot on any of the recorded material we’ve heard on their Soundcloud. The songs are solid, but we always felt they were sonically missing the intensity of their live shows. That all changes today…. 

The band’s self titled EP, recorded and produced by Jack Nigro Music at The Grove Studios, is a solid first outing.

The guitar sound, especially the tones pulled in the solos, are the highlight of the recording. That’s not saying that the rest of the band are left behind, far from it. It’s the strongest vocal we’ve heard from the act and the power station of the bass and drums provide the perfect canvas for for the hooky melodies and indie riffs.

This is one you need to add to your weekend playlist. Don’t take our word for it, give it a spin… Links and embeds are below.

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