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The ABC is reporting that The Independent Liquor and Gaming authority have imposed three new noise restrictions on the CBD Hotel in Hunter Street in Newcastle. The restrictions come after noise complaints by neighbouring residents. 

The ABC reports that due to the restrictions, patrons of the CBD hotel will now be banned from entering the courtyard area after 10:00pm.

It would seem that it’s the same old story. Residents move to, and live next door to existing venues because they like the location, and being part of a vibrant city culture and then complain about the things that help make it vibrant. Amplified music, events, large gatherings of people and activity after dark.


What do you think? Do you think it’s ok to move next door to an existing venue and then complain about the noise. We’re keen to see your responses.

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  1. Whingers should move out of the CBD…. Great pub and love my live music and I live next door… Spewing ppl are complaining I love that pub and all the live bands..

  2. Absolutely not! If you want quiet move to the country. These people are killing the live music scene and the nanny state laws we endure today are destroying community spirit. It’s disgusting. What happened to common sense?

  3. Newcastle has a vibrant live music scene, that is slowly but surely going to be destroyed by the council for allowing these developments and the noise NAZIS! who knowingly move in next to a live music venue and the complain about the noise.
    Folks it’s only going to get worse with more and more residential developments been approved in Newcastle near and around our live music venues, The Cambridge comes to mind with a huge development coming soon across the road,
    I think we the fans, Artists, venues, agents and promoters need to stand together as one and do our best to put a stop to this before it’s to late. Live music is a huge part of what makes this beautiful city of ours so great, it’s our heart beat!

    Cheers, SHP .

  4. The companies who build these developments should be required to have buyers sign a waiver saying that they understand they have been advised of the proximity of a live music venue and its current hours of operation and still wish to purchase the property under those conditions.

  5. Right on JMC, I find it unbelievable that venues that give so much enjoyment to 100’s if not 1000’s of punters each and every week and make our city the vibrant and artistist place it is can be sacrificed because of a few noise complaints from residence that had to know they were buying near a venue. There should be better planing by council and developers around venues.

  6. Please be advising the Cambridge Hotel to act now: get professional assessment of noise levels of the pub with life music/events/patrons coming and going! That way when the new museum residents move in and want bucolic country surrounds, the pub can prove that they were making noise BEFORE the residential development opened! I would hate to see Newcastle live music die a slow death because of this kind of travesty. Why don’t NCC pull their fingers out and insist on all new res development to have double glazing etc?

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