An Ode to The Angels

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Last week on our Facebook page we ran a competition to win a double pass to see The Angels at Belmont 16’s this Friday the 22nd of May. We were overwhelmed with the response we got, but one comment in particular put a huge smile on the faces of everyone in the office.

After some chatter about the line up for the Angels show, Newcastle Live community member, @Mark Sharman posted;

“While the music lives, Doc lives!! No secrets in that, dogs are talking about it being a great show, small price to pay. could go all the way to Marseille, hope not, I’d wonder if I’m ever gonna see your face again, anyone else..well they aren’t the one, It’ll take a long line if that happens and we gotta get out of this place. Ah well no use shadow boxing. It will all come out after the rain!!! so let the night roll on and let’s see mr damage smile emoticon”

It’s one of the best comments we’ve ever seen on the page, so we’ve added him to our general admission guest list for the show.

Rock on Mark!

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