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We just got back to the office after getting a sneak peek of the Walking With Dinosaurs show which kicks off tonight (April 9) at the Newcastle Entertainment Centre and plays until Sunday.

The original BBC television series seen in over 200 countries by over 700 million people. The show first hit Australian arenas in 2007 and the production has since toured around the world to rave reviews. Now it’s back in Australia we couldn’t resist the opportunity to get up close and personal with these amazing puppets.




  • The production showcases 20 Dinosaurs in total with 10 Separate Species Represented
  • The larger of the dinosaurs are constructed using 433 feet of hydraulic hose, 971 square feet of fabric, 433 cubic feet of foam, 53 gallons of paint, 7 kilowatts of power from 12 truck batteries, 1094 yards of cabling and weigh 1.6 tons a piece. As heavy as a standard family car.
  • To operate one dinosaur, it takes a Team of 3 people consisting of 1 Driver and 2 Voodoo Puppeteers.
  • The show will be transported around Australia using 20 – 53 foot trucks.
  • 15 performers make up the cast including 6 suit performers, 2 actors and 7 puppeteers
  • There are 45 Crew members including 7 dino drivers, 3 person skins/dressing staff, and multiple engineers, lighting and sound personnel, carpenters, riggers and workers in AV/automation

WHAT: Walking With Dinosaurs
WHEN: April 9 – 12
WHERE: Newcastle Entertainment Centre
MORE INFO: http://nec.net.au/event/walking-with-dinosaurs

Keep your eyes on Newcastle Live for a full review of the show tomorrow.


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