6 reasons to see Courtney Love at Panthers in August

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American singer-songwriter, musician, actress, Courtney Love will be in Newcastle on Friday 22nd August to play a show at Panthers. We’ve put together a list of 6 reasons you should grab a ticket.

1 – She survived

You can fling a lot of mud at Love. Seriously she’s done some really horrific shit over the years, but she’s survived… You’ve got to give her that.

2 – She wrote some of the best songs of the 90’s

Live through this was a seminal album. It’s raw, unashamed and almost perfect. If you haven’t sat through a spin of the album before or haven’t heard it in years it might be worth a listen just as a reminder.

3 – There’s a good chance she’s going to say something controversial

There’s nothing like being in the room when a celebrity (and lets face it that’s what she is) starts trash talking a local hero or even better a Hollywood star.

4 – It might be shit

There’s nothing like having a story to tell. So imagine the story you’d have for your mates if she came out all drunk and stuff, totally fucked up her set and left the stage twenty minutes in leaving behind a trail of blood and vomit. It’s a possibility and I would’t put it past her.

5 – It’s probably gonna be awesome

I mean what could be better than rocking out to Malibu jumping up and down with your mates down the front of panthers with the woman who wrote the song (apparently wrote the song) playing it right in front of you.

6 – You haven’t lived until you’ve seen up Courtney Love’s skirt.

It’s almost part of her set list now. Expected almost.

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