5 things we learnt from our chat with Kim from Mark Of Cain

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Last week we chatted to Kim Scott, bass player from legendary Aussie band, Mark Of Cain. Here’s the top 5 things we learnt from our interview. 
1 – Kim does what John wants

“It’s John’s vehicle” Kim tells me over the phone during our chat. “He works out the drum and bass parts and tell us what to play”.  Kim says that there are very few arguments because that’s the way it’s always been

2 – Their new drummer, Eli Green has made rehearsing for the tour much easier

“We turned up on the first day and he’s got everything written down on sheet music”.

More than ‘just a drummer’, Eli also works as a songwriter & arranger with original acts, Julia Henning and Life Pilot. His work has found its way to the top of national independent music charts numerous times, has been featured on an award winning television series & prime-time national news.

“Because our songs are so technical with lots of time changes and weird rhythms rehearsal usually takes a long time. With Eli that’s all different, he’s just that good”.

3 – Working with Henry Rollins is effortless and inspiring.

“He came into the studio when we were recording Grey 11 (the bands current release) and someone said we should get Henry to do the spoken word part. John told him what the song was about and Henry went away and wrote a few verses. He came back and laid a few tracks down and said we would do what we wanted with it”.

Kim tells me there was a moment in the mixing when the verses were like a duet between John and Henry, but those takes will never see the light of day.

4 – They love coming to Newcastle

Work commitments have seen Kim spend a lot of time in and around our city. He tells me that the band have always enjoyed playing in Newcastle and doesn’t see any reason why their show at The Cambridge on November 8 should be any different.

5 – They treat their support acts with respect

“We’ve been there” Kim tells me. “We decided a long time ago that when it was our turn to headline we wouldn’t treat the bands that played before us the way we were treated by the crew of a lot of bands we played with back in the day”

You can catch the Mark Of Cain when they hit the Cambridge Hotel in Newcastle on November 8. Tickets are now on sale via big tix.

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