5 reasons to take your kids to see Mister Maker at the Civic

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The Mister Maker Live theatre tour is sure to thrill and delight, bringing together exciting live entertainment coupled with inspirational ideas. Here’s 5 reasons we think you should take your own mini Makers to see Mister Maker Live at The Civic Theatre Newcastle on July 5. 

1) Reduce your toy budget

Mister Maker Toy

Mister maker will teach your kids how to make their own toys from ordinary everyday household objects. After your Mister Maker Live experience, you’ll save hundreds of dollars normally spent on plastic crap from the toy isle in Coles.

2) The Shapes

Mister Maker - The Shapes

The all singing all dancing Shapes are headed to Newcastle with Mister Maker! Anyone who has watched the Mister Maker TV show with their kids will know the excitement that The Shapes bring on. Which Shape will form the picture and what will that picture be? Find out at The Civic Theatre Newcastle on July 5.

3) Teach your kids to pack up after themselves


Every Mister Maker show ends with Mister Maker putting everything back into the art box. What better message to send to your kids than, “pack up after you’re finished”?

4) The Doodle drawers!

the Doodle drawers

Hear Mister Maker say, The Doodle drawers!

5) Relive your love of Art Attack

Anyone who grew up in the 90’s will remember Art Attack. Well Mister Maker is the equivalent for this generation of budding artists. Presented by Neil Buchanan, the original series of Art Attack was one of CITV’s longest running programmes.


WHO: Mister Maker
WHAT: Mister Maker Live
WHEN: July 5.
WHERE: The Civic Theatre Newcastle
MORE INFO: ticketek.com.au

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