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Last week’s post was so popular, we’re going to make this a regular thing. And why not? Newcastle music is really making an impact on the national and international stage at the moment. So join us as we celebrate another 5 local artists you should be listening to right now!

Yev Kassem

dave. frontman aka Noah Church aka Yev Kassem is a phenomenal song writer. The recent Uni band comp gave us our first taste of his solo project and we’ve been hooked ever since. The vocals are raw, honest and perfectly heart wrenching. Think of this project as your go to for hard times, sad times, or whenever you need to seek solace in this big wide world of ours.

Top track: ‘Eggsecutor’



Yev Kassem’s band dave play the Cambridge Hotel on June 2.

Yev Kassem on Facebook
dave on Facebook


Another band comp alumni and also (spoiler alert) overall winner from a super tough grand final is Nelipot. These guys hail from the Central Coast but don’t hold that against them. Self described as barefoot music enthusiasts, the three piece throw a really quirky right hook at the alt-rock genre. These guys don’t take themselves too seriously but they’ve got a phenomenal talent. They also wrote a song dedicated to Mums with perms so what’s not to love? If you ever get the chance to see them live, make sure you do because they bloody kill it on stage.

Top track: ‘Denim’



Nelipot will open Live On The Lawn on Saturday 27 May, and again at Bandapalooza III at the Lass O’Gowrie Hotel on 10 June.

Nelipot on Facebook


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Joab Eastley is the Joan Jett equivalent (which is pretty much the highest musical compliment I can personally give anyone) he’s also the fearless frontman of RAAVE TAPES. If you haven’t listened to these guys yet;

1: Where have you been and,

2: Stop and rectify this immediately.

Cute and bouncy indie pop and by far my hot pick for the best band in Newcastle.

Top track: ‘2 U xoxo’



RAAVE TAPES play Hotel Steyne in Manly with Birdhouse on 28 July.

RAAVE TAPES on Facebook

Rachel Maria Cox

Rachel Maria Cox aka RMC is a singer/songwriter who really just has a lot of feelings, but most importantly they are also very very talented. No matter whether they’re backed by a full band or doing a show solo, their performance is always captivating, and guaranteed to make you feel a little bit better about whatever emotional turmoil you’re attempting to charge through on the daily. Oh and they also have a new single coming out on the 1st of June and a whole host of gigs coming up so keep your ears peeled kids.

Top track: ‘A phone I can’t use’



Rachel Maria Cox play The Lass O’Gowrie Hotel tonight (26 May) with Paper Thin, Azim Zain and His Lovely Bones (CBR) and Landmarks.

Rachel Maria Cox on Facebook

Treehouse Children

Looking for some indie-pop bangers to fill your headphones? Look no further, the Treehouse Children have got you covered. Their sound is tight, the songwriting exceptional, and they’re guaranteed to have you waving your hands in the air like you just don’t care. These guys absolutely crush it on stage and lucky for you, you can actually catch them in the flesh this weekend at Live on the Lawn

Top Track: ‘Woo’



The Treehouse Children play Live On The Lawn on Saturday 27 May.

The Treehouse Children on Facebook

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