5 craft beers your girlfriend will love

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Recent years have seen the craft beer movement explode in Newcastle. But many craft beer aficionados find it hard to get their female counterparts as excited about beer as they are. Now, we’re not saying all girls aren’t craft beer fans, but if yours isn’t, this is the list for you… 5 craft beers your girlfriend will love.

Whale Ale by Murray’s Craft Brewing

Whale Ale

This is a great craft beer to kick off with. We’re going to call it a ‘gateway’ craft beer. It’s a refreshing wheat beer that gives a unique take on a session strength ale. It’s light but creamy and has a beautiful citrus flavour.

Pacific Ale by Stone & Wood

pacific ale

Passionfruit is the first thing that comes to mind when describing this beer. It pours golden with a big fruity aroma and a refreshing finish. This beer is produced without filtering or pasteurising it, which means that the beer will have the same taste if you order one in a pub or pour it from the bottle at home.

Hef by Burleigh Brewing Co.


This full flavoured beer is subtle enough for those unfamiliar with the deliciousness of Wheat beer. You’ll taste banana and clove as you enjoy its creamy texture. We think you’re girlfriend will love it because it’s refreshing but flavour-filled beer without being overpowering.

Minimum Chips by Matilda Bay


The ideal Australian summertime brew. Many premium lagers are malt driven, Minimum Chips is differentiated by its appreciable hop bitterness and crisp full flavour.

Four Wives by James Squire

Four Wives

Perfect to accompany spiced seafood or a Thai stir-fry. It’s an alluring craft beer that gives way to a longer bitterness after the glass leaves your lips.

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