Fat Pizza vs Housos: It’s fat, cheesy and bogan

Newcastle Live -


The ‘fully sickest’ delivery guys from Fat Pizza and the Housos of Sunnyvale will descend on Newcastle’s Cambridge Hotel on Wednesday the 20th January 2016 for a fight to the death in the Fat Pizza vs Housos Live show. 

Featuring Franky Falzoni, Vanessa, Kev The Kiwi and a mystery guest; it’s a battle of chainsaws and thongs, cheese and vegemite, subwoofers and Ugg boots.

Fat Pizza vs Housos Live is the story of two worlds colliding. The fully sick world of the Fat Pizza restaurant and its subwoofer-loving staff meets the houso-dwelling residents of Sunnyvale, a suburb where tattoos, Ugg boots and thongs are compulsory.

It’s big, it’s cheesy, it’s wearing thongs and it’s coming at you in a stolen car covered in flannelette: Fat Pizza vs Housos Live.

Tickets are on sale now.

If it's on in Newcastle, it's on Newcastle Live

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